2019 Reading List update!

Good morning Bookies!

So I am doing my Sunday morning writing. I’m trying to make this a habit so I can become a little more consistent with my posts! It has actually been so nice to sit with a tea and write. I posted a review on Friday and I haven’t finished my next book yet so I’m going to talk about my reading list today!

In December, I made myself a list of 24 books that were on my unread shelf. 12 fiction and 12 non-fiction. Plus I told myself I could have 12 freebies, so I could read other things that came up. Well friends, I am failing miserably. This is what happened with my list:


Now there are some circumstances that I can’t control, I got approved to be an ARC reader for HarperCollins Canada in February and they have already sent me three advanced copies. It’s so cool to have not only a free book but have it before everyone else. I’m currently reading the first one I got, The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, by Kim Michele Richardson, it comes out May 7th. Review coming soon, but I’m about halfway and I cannot put it down.

The problem though I think is me being sucked into the consumerism of Bookstagram. I want to do all the buddy reads, I want to read what all my book friends online are reading so I can talk to them about it, I see the pretty pictures and my brain chemicals react and buy buy buy. So I am going on a book buying ban for May and June. I will not be doing any buddy reads, except the one I’m already in for May, unless I already own the book. I will have to buy book club books for each of those months also but I can’t give up my book club because it’s so much fun. Anyways I’m going to really try and hack away at my list of unread books and not buy any more.

Here is a link to my 2019 Reading List, you can see I’ve made a tiny dent in my 36 books but if I’m going to finish them all by the end of the year, I have some work to do!

Happy reading!

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