Book Review: The Ballerinas

Book: The Ballerinas Author: Rachel Kapelke-Dale Genre: thriller Read if you like: murder mysteries, dance, a slow burn thriller Rating: 8/10 Release date: December 7, 2021 St. Martin's Press Trigger Warnings: older men having sex with much younger women but they are over the age of consent, death of a parent, cancer, taping sex without … Continue reading Book Review: The Ballerinas

Book review: The Year of the Witching

Book: The Year of the Witching (Bethel #1) Author: Alexis Henderson Genre: witchy thriller Rating: 7/10 Trigger warnings: religious fanaticism, sexual abuse, pedophilia, animal sacrifice, grooming, coercion, racism, cults, probably more I'm not remembering. Read if you like: mean witches, creepy religious weirdness, women taking back their power, coming of age stories but with a … Continue reading Book review: The Year of the Witching

Book Review: Woman on the Edge

Book: Woman on the Edge Author: Samantha Bailey Genre: Thriller Rating: 8/10 Read if you like: short, fast-paced thrillers, domestic thrillers, thrillers where someone is chasing and stalking the main characters. Trigger Warnings: SIDS, baby abuse, suicide, postpartum depression Good morning bookworms! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was busy but all fun stuff! … Continue reading Book Review: Woman on the Edge

Book Review: Isn’t it Bromantic? by Lyssa Kay Adams

Book: Isn't it Bromantic? (Bromance Book Club #4) Author: Lyssa Kay Adams Genre: Contemporary Romance Trope: Fake Dating (Marriage) romance Rating: 10/10 This photo contains an affiliate link. By clicking it you will be taken to for purchase and I make a small commission. See Contact for disclaimer. What is with me and 5 … Continue reading Book Review: Isn’t it Bromantic? by Lyssa Kay Adams