February TBR and Buddy Reads!

Hello bookworms! Today I want to tell you all about my February TBR and share my February Angie Way Plan! I honestly can’t believe it’s February already, the month of January just flew by on me. Probably because it was a very busy work month. It just seemed like I blinked and it was January 31st.

In February I will be hosting 3 buddy reads instead of doing a whole readathon. Usually in February I host a readathon called Bookish Month of Love, but even though this would have been the fourth year, I’ve decided not to do it. However, I knew I would miss having buddy reads. A buddy read is like an online book club, where we all read the same book by a set date and then have a spoiler filled and detailed discussion! If you want to join any of these chats, send me a message on Instagram or comment here and I will add you to the list. ***This post contains affiliate links**

The first buddy read book is called Same Paige. This is an indie friends to lovers romance written by my friend Hannah Jay! Hannah and I have followed each other for years on Instagram and I knew she was writing a book and I’m so proud of her for publishing it! And she’s already working on book 2! I am so excited to read this book, everyone I know that has read it is giving it great reviews.

The second buddy read book is Get a Life Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert. This is an enemies to lovers romance with chronic pain representation. It’s also the first book in the Brown sisters series. There are three books. Chloe Brown has two sisters, Dani and Evie and they all appear in each book, but the series includes one book focused on each sister. All three are really well done romances and I will probably reread all of them this year. But I’m starting with Chloe!

Okay the third buddy read book is a monster romance! You may have seen this around Instagram it’s called Legends and Lattes by Travis Baldree. I have seen the cover all over bookstagram for a while and I am always intrigued. The romance is apparently subtle but everyone describes the book as a warm hug, so I’m very much looking forward to reading it!

Last Saturday I went live on Instagram, something I do very rarely, and I set up my Angie Way plan for February while people watched and I answered a few questions about my system. It was really fun to do that live and have people participating in the process. See below for a picture of my set up!

For my TBR, I also picked two books from my 23 books for 2023 list. The first one is a reread for me, but I got the collectors edition of Red White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston last year and there is a bunch of bonus content in it. So I’ve wanted to reread it for ages and then read the bonus content. If you haven’t heard of this one, it is an LGBQT+ story between the son of the president of the united states and the prince of England. I remember reading it very quickly and loving it so much.

The second book from my 23 books for 2023 list is called Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon. I have seen a few other books by her pop up on bookstagram, one of them is called The Ex Talk, but this will be my first by the author. It sounds like a friends to lovers romance between a news stations weather girl and the shy sports reporter. It sounds super cute! I’m definitely looking forward to all the romance in February!

Okay and the next book on my list is my January book pick from Aardvark book Club! It’s called The Key to My Heart by Lia Louis. I think it was in 2021 I read a holiday romance by Lia Lous called 8 Perfect Hours and really enjoyed it. So when I saw Lia Louis as one of the authors for this month’s picks, I knew instantly that was the one I wanted to choose. This one is about a grieving widow finding a second chance at love, meaning I will surely cry.

The last book on my TBR is also written by my friend and is also about a grieving widow but it’s real life. My friend Aly Bird lost her husband and became a widow at a very young age. She spent a long time grieving and trying to piece her life back together. Then she started to write a book. It’s called Grief Ally and it’s all about how to help the people you love when they are going through the hardest times. Here’s the synopsis:

“In Grief Ally, Aly Bird rips the curtain away on this inevitable dynamic called grief. After her husband’s untimely death, Aly gradually learned to cope with constructive support from loved ones. However, she soon realized she was one of the lucky ones with unwavering friends and family in her corner. In this empowering guide, she gives you solid step-by-step advice on how to support “your person”-what they’re experiencing, what you can do, and what you can’t control.”

So this book actually published on January 25th and you can order it on Amazon now. And it’s only 99 cents for the ebook until February 2nd! I am reading it in February as my nonfiction book for the month and I’m sure it will be filled with insight and wisdom about a hard to discuss topic.

So that’s my reading update and my book plans for February! Oh and one more thing about February, at some point, I’ll be releasing my reading of Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery on the podcast. So if that’s something you would enjoy, stay tuned, because that will be coming soon!

Happy reading!



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