My 2022 Reading Wrap Up!

Hey Bookworms! I’m so excited to share my 2022 reading wrap up! I read 65 books in 2022 which was pretty low for me, I usually get closer to 100. But I’m still very happy with it! Today I’m going to go over my top ten list and then a bunch of other fun categories!

I also did a podcast episode you can find here! I’m chatting with my sister Laura @plantladyreader about our 2022 reading!

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2022 Top Ten Books:

  1. Bloomsbury Girls by Natalie Jenner (historical fiction)
  2. The Bodyguard by Katherine Center (romance)
  3. In the Weeds by BK Borison (romance)
  4. Soul of the Deep by Natasha Bowen (mermaid fantasy)
  5. Babel by RF Kuang (fantasy)
  6. Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan (fantasy)
  7. Master of Storms by Bec McMaster (Shapeshifter fantasy)
  8. Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse (fantasy)
  9. What I Talk About When I Talk About Running – Haruki Murakami (nonfiction)
  10. The Backyard Adventurer by Beau Miles (nonfiction)

New Favourite author discovered in 2022:

Rebecca Roanhorse! Black Sun was just such an incredible and unique fantasy. I was hooked from page 1 and I cannot wait to read book 2 in the series Fevered Star in 2023.

Book that made me laugh and cry:

Lovelight Farms by BK Borison. This romance series is absolutely perfect. The characters are deep and the books are just filled with incredible quotes. But they are also really funny. I will be rereading all three books in the series, with a 4th to come in 2023!

Book I put the most tabs in:

Soul of the Deep by Natasha Bowen. The first book in this series, Skin of the Sea, won this category last year! These books are filled with amazing quotes and super interesting legends and mythical creatures. I was constantly tabbing new legends and myths. If you like mermaid fantasies and books set in Africa, I can’t recommend these books enough.

Book I read the fastest because it was unputdownable:

Heart of Fire by Bec McMaster. In 2022 I discovered this series about dragon shifters. Heart of Fire is the first book in the series. Let me tell you these books are sexy. But they aren’t loaded with sex, just the right amount. They are full of Norwegian and Icelandic mythology and they are addictive!

Steamiest Romance:

It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey. I didn’t actually love this book, it was just okay, but the sex scenes were very open door and I found them very hot.

Cutest Romance:

A Very Merry Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams. I just read this one in December and it was just lovely. And so Christmasy! A great holiday romance.

Most highly anticipated book I purchased and then didn’t read:

The Merciless Ones by Namina Forna. Oh man I’m so annoyed with myself for not reading this one yet. The Gilded Ones was one of my favourite fantasy reads from 2022 and I still haven’t read the sequel!

Favourite nonfiction:

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami. This was a really nice running memoir filled with wisdom and humour. I really loved it! I would recommend to all runners!

Favourite Thriller:

Children on the Hill by Jennifer McMahon, JMM is one of my favourite thriller authors, I’ve loved every book by her I’ve read. She’s so good at creeping me out! Children on the Hill was a ghost story with a scary pond on a huge secluded property.

Favourite Fantasy:

Daughter of the Moon Goddess and Heart of the Sun Warrior by Sue Lynn Tan! Yup! I read this duology this year, book 1 in September and book 2 in November. The series was so good, I loved the world of the Chinese Moon Goddess and Tan’s writing is lovely. She draws you in to this beautiful world and you never want to leave. I’m kind of sad it’s just a duology.

Favourite Young Adult:

A Thousand Heartbeats by Kiera Kass. This was my first book by this author but she wrote the very popular Selection Series. This is a standalone YA romance fantasy and I loved it! It’s over 500 pages and I read it in one weekend.

Favourite Historical Fiction:

Bloomsbury Girls by Natalie Jenner. This is the book for readers. It’s about 3 women that work in a book store in London after the war. The shop is run by a bunch of stuffy old men, but the women are actually running the show and they are trying to save the store. They are strong, feisty, and intelligent women. I found this book empowering and heartwarming.

Favourite LGBQT+:

Pacifique by Sarah L Taggart. This book was not on my radar, but I was asked to read it by an indie publisher. And I was shocked how much I loved it. It’s labelled as a psychological thriller but it’s not scary. It’s more that you have an unreliable narrator with an incredible story. Most of the book is set in a psych ward and it is an own voices account.

There it is! My 2022 reading wrap up! Do you like my categories? Did you read any books that fit in with mine? Tell me your fave book from 2022 in the comments!

Happy Reading!



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