November Wrap Up

November was a really good reading month for me! I read 10 books. It’s the first month I’ve hit double digits in a while. We were still busy settling into the new house for most of the month but things are finally coming together. We have a few more things we want to do before the end of the year but I absolutely love the new house.

What I read in November:

  1. A Shadow in the Ember by Jennifer L. Armentrout – review here
  2. A Spindle Splintered by Alix Harrow
  3. This is Your Brain on Birth Control by Dr. Sarah Hill – review here
  4. Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao – review here
  5. The Secret Keeper of Jaipur by Alka Joshi
  6. Sing You Home by Ava Hunter
  7. The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan
  8. The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker
  9. The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green
  10. The Wolf and the Woodsman by Ava Reid

I read 5 different genres and a total of 3,640 pages! I started Witches Steeped in Gold but it just wasn’t doing it for me. So I switched it out for Wolf and the Woodsman.

How was your November reading?

Happy reading!


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