Book Review: Eight Perfect Hours

Book: Eight Perfect Hours

Author: Lia Louis

Genre: Romance

Rating: 10/10

Release date: September 28th, 2021

Read if you like: books set in England, books with positive mental health talk, a really sweet love story.

Trigger Warnings: severe anxiety, depression, sick parent, suicide, death of a friend, post postpartum depression.

Thank you so much to Simon and Schuster Canada for sending me this early copy for review. It came on the perfect day and I started reading it immediately. This is Lia Louis’s second book and the first one I have read. I have already added her first book Dear Emmie Blue to my wish list.

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Hook – 2/2: The story starts with the unlikely meeting of Noelle and Sam in a snow storm traffic jam. Noelle is a talkative one and she talks even more when she’s nervous so her and Sam end up talking for most of the traffic jam.

Plot- 3/3: Noelle and Sam have a strange but very satisfying meet cute and then think they will never see each other again. Noelle is thinking about getting back together with her ex and Sam is trying to make it work with his long time girlfriend in America. But somehow they keep bumping into each other. Like fate or some other power is driving them together and trying to tell them something.

Writing – 3/3: Lia Louis can write guys. This book evoked a lot of emotions in me and made me feel so deeply for the characters. Everyone was relatable and the discussions of mental health were well done in my opinion. I think this is a great romance if you like stories of real life struggles. Noelle has anxiety, Sam has anxiety, they both talk to a therapist and Noelle’s best friend is dealing with postpartum depression. They lost their friend Daisy in a car accident and they are still affected by grief. Noelle’s mom had a stroke and needs a permanent carer now. And all of these situations were well written and emotional.

Characters – 2/2: Honestly I loved them all. Noelle and Sam especially of course but also Charlie, Noelle’s best friend. Ed, Noelle’s ex was a dick but you could also see that he was just confused and feel bad for him. I also loved her mom.

Overall this was such a heartwarming romance that I would recommend to everyone that fancies a cute love story.

Happy Reading!


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