Book Review: A Secret History of Witches

Book: A Secret History of Witches

Author: Louisa Morgan

Genre: fantasy

Rating: 9/10

Read this if: you like historical fiction, witchy books, books with famous royal characters.

Good morning bookworms! My sister lent me this book over a year ago. She particularly enjoys witchy books and this is one of her favourites. I can see why she loved it because I really enjoyed it too, and feel bad for taking so long to read it. The book spans about 150 years, generation after generation of a family with witches. Each new witch is taught the ways by the previous generation but everything must be kept secret for fear of persecution. There are some trigger warnings about pregnancy that you may want to look up before reading.

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Hook 2/2: The book starts with an introduction to the Orchiere family, hiding from people chasing them becuase they have witches in the family. Grandmother, the most powerful witch, uses a spell to hide them. So an immiediate display of interesting and powerful magic, and tense chase. I loved it.

Plot 2/3: I really enjoyed learning about each new witch and loved how different all their personalities were, as well as them all having different gifts. The passage through time was a little slow in some parts but overall I kept turning the pages. Near the end of the book, the royal family gets involved. While lots of people probably enjoy turning royalty into witches, it doesn’t really do anything for me. I’m not the type of person that pays attention to celebrities. So if you are someone who pays attention to the royal family, you will probably love the ending of this book.

Writing and Characters 5/5: Louisa Morgan is amazing at character development. Each generation of witch was so different and their personalities were made so clear. It was like reading a bunch of short stories that were all connected. I really enjoyed it. The story was also lovely and I think the writing was beautiful. I will definitely be checking out more of Louisa Morgan’s books.

Happy Reading!


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