Book Review: Isn’t it Bromantic? by Lyssa Kay Adams

Book: Isn’t it Bromantic? (Bromance Book Club #4)

Author: Lyssa Kay Adams

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Trope: Fake Dating (Marriage) romance

Rating: 10/10

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What is with me and 5 star reads lately! I’m on a roll. This is the newest book in the Bromance Book Club series and I think it’s my new favourite. I have loved all 4 of them for different reasons. Each book focuses on a different member of the Bromance book club. The club is a bunch of men that read romance novels to try and figure out how to be better husbands and boyfriends. They literally call the romance novels ‘The Manuals’. Here is my order of favourite with a short description.

  1. Isn’t it Bromantic? (Book 4) – fake marriage – The Russian, Vlad has been married to Elena for six years but he only married his childhood best friend so she could escape some danger in Russia after her father disappeared. She has been away at school the whole time, but he wants them to finally have a real marriage and the book club wants to help.
  2. Crazy Stupid Bromance (Book 3) – friends to lovers – Noah is a computer whiz and secretly in love with his best friend Alexis. Alexis is a shy cafe owner dealing with some major trauma. Noah has been there for her through everything but maybe she wants more than just friends with him?
  3. The Bromance Book Club (Book 1) – Second chance romance – Thea isn’t happy in her marriage, she has two beautiful daughters and one absentee husband. Gavin is shocked when Thea tells him she wants a divorce because he didn’t even know there was a problem. But he will do anything to fix his marriage and stay with the love of his life. Including join a book club of men reading romance novels.
  4. Undercover Bromance (Book 2) – Enemies to lovers – Thea from book 1’s sister Liv is a strong willed woman that finds out her boss has been sexually abusing his employees. She immediately tries to confront him and that doesn’t go well. So she reluctantly enlists the help of her brother-in-law’s friend Mack, a local club owner. Mack runs in the same circles as Liv’s boss and can help her get information. Noah, Mack’s friend and tech wizard helps too. Mack and Liv butt heads constantly, there’s a lot of anger and suddenly a lot of passion.

The entire time I was reading Isn’t it Bromantic? I had a lump in my throat. Vlad is the sweetest big teddy bear that has no idea how to tell Elena how he feels. All this beautiful, romantic stuff goes on inside his head and it’s so frustrating. And it’s confusing for Elena, who feels for him too but gets this vibe from him constantly like he is indifferent. You just want to scream at them “say how you feel” but the journey they have together is worth it. I have nothing negative to say. I was suffering a book hangover and this beauty pulled me out and threw me into another one! Have you read any of this series?

Happy Reading!


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