Book review: The Husbands by Chandler Baker

Book: The Husbands

Author: Chandler Baker

Pub date: August 3

Genre: Domestic Thriller

Rating: 8/10

Good morning bookworms! Thank you to Raincoast Books for hooking me up with an advanced copy of Chandler Baker’s sophomore novel!

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Hook: 2/2 – for the first 20 pages or so it was a little bit of a family drama. A pregnant wife Nora, working hard as a personal injury lawyer and trying to become a partner. Her husband Hayden, helps out around the house but not enough and doesn’t know anything about their 4-year-olds schedule and how to handle her tantrums. They are looking for a bigger house and they go to an open house in a neighbourhood called Dynasty Ranch. There Nora notices that all the husbands are taking care of everything and all the wives are super successful. She starts making friends with these women and ends up helping one with a case.

Plot: 2/2 – it’s basically Stepford wives in reverse. I loved it!

Twist: 1/2 – a little predictable but still fun.

Writing: 2/2 – I enjoyed Baker’s style. The book was fast paced and well written. It made me think a little bit about the dynamics my husband and I have in the house, but also how much I appreciate him.

Characters: 1/2 – the main characters were intriguing but I found the men underwritten. All the attention was given to the female characters but maybe that was intentional? It just felt odd not diving very deep into any of the men’s characters. I don’t even know what Hayden did for work.

Overall this was a quick read, I loved the premise and would highly recommend to domestic thriller fans. I definitely need to read Chandler Baker’s first book now.

Happy reading!


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