Book Review: Broken by Jenny Lawson

Thank you to Rain Coast Books for the gifted copy of Broken (in the best possible way) by Jenny Lawson. I had never read any of her books before but I really enjoyed this one!

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Jenny Lawson has chronic illness, depression, anxiety and an amazing sense of humour. The chapters were short little essays or stories about her life. 75% of the book was funny, and I think that’s because Jenny knows the value of Laughter as Medicine. There were a few more serious chapters. She talked about her battle with depression, her medications and treatments, and the constant war she must wage with her health insurance provider.

I think the book was an easily digestible look into the mind of someone that has suffered for a long time and yet can tell a hilarious story. Sometimes I thought the story was too long or I didn’t see what was so funny. But I’m sure those chapters spoke differently to other people. My favourite story was definitely the one about her shoes. Jenny has one foot that’s quite a bit bigger than the other. So the smaller foot, the shoe slips often. The chapter consisted of 6 stories about Jenny losing a shoe and each one got progressively funnier until I was crying laughing by the end of the chapter.

So overall I give this one 8/10 or 4 stars! It’s a fun book to make you feel less alone in the world, it will make you laugh a lot, but it will also teach you some things. I will definitely be looking out for more of Jenny Lawson’s books.

Happy Reading!


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