Thursday Thoughts

Good morning bookworms! This is going to be a blathering type of post so fair warning. I was thinking on my run this morning how excited I am for warmer weather. My run was so nice, it was a perfect 10C and the sun was shining. I definitely suffer from SAD, seasonal affective disorder. Every winter I feel so tired, I have a harder time motivating myself to do anything, and I feel a completely irrational anger towards the snow. It’s the worst in January and February when the sun shines less, the snow piles up, and the temperature drops drastically. When March comes I start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the snow starts melting slowly and I start to feel better. This winter was particularly bad because of 1) we had to stay in the house and I couldn’t see any of my family or friends, 2) my bff and fave workout buddy was in another country for 6 weeks. The warm weather this morning and the fact that it will be 23C this afternoon are filling me with so much joy. The fact that the temperature can have such a crazy effect on my mood is weird. But that’s my life. I try different things through the winter to help my mood. I take a vitamin D supplement, I try to get out and enjoy the snow instead of hating it, snowshoeing for example. But mostly I’ve worked on accepting that this is part of who I am and trying not to beat myself up for slowing down in the winter.

The above photo is from the summer of 2019. My closest girlfriends and I spent a weekend at my cottage. Enjoying the lake, the sun, and the quiet sounds of nature filling me up with so much energy. We went swimming, skinny dipping, paddle boarding, canoeing, we drank wine and ate great food, we did face masks too. We snuggled in blankets, had silly and meaningful conversations, and generally just had an awesome time. In 2020 nobody got to do this kind of thing. We all wanted to go back to the cottage again but it wasn’t safe. Will we be allowed this year, I don’t know. But I really really hope so. I know I’m not the only one struggling with the pandemic restrictions. I know I’m not the only one missing so many things I took for granted in 2019. But I needed to get this out this morning, it helps me to talk about it.

I hope you guys have a wonderful day, and I hope you can all enjoy this weather where you are.


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