March Angie Way Update

Well it’s not going great. The first book I had scheduled for the month was a nonfiction, it was 300 pages and I scheduled about 100 pages per day for 3 days to finish it. Well there was my first mistake and I don’t know why I did it. I read nonfiction way slower, especially a depressing book about climate change. I’ve managed to read 20-40 pages per day of that book all month. Lesson learned: schedule way more time to complete a nonfiction.

So those three days are not checked off. I accidentally checked the box in the legend saying I’d completed the book so ignore that. (Edit: I have finished The Sixth Extinction as of this morning) My next read was Wraiths and Ruin which I did finish but behind schedule. I had a last minute arc, We Begin at the End, show up just a week before pub date and decided to prioritize that one. Then I was feeling poopy the first weekend of March and reached for a standard comfort read The Hobbit, which thoroughly distracted me from the schedule.

Lastly, I had scheduled The Firekeeper’s Daughter starting on March 8th, because the original pub date was March 2. But then the pub date got pushed to March 16th. I should receive this one in the mail today, but it’s forced the schedule off again.

I’ve had to rethink my plan for the month entirely. I only have two weeks left and I have a bunch of books I need to finish: Red Island House is an arc publishing March 23, I have two more buddy read books to finish, Namesake and The Gilded Ones, and I need to read the book for my IRL book club Miss Benson’s Beetle. I also really want to get to my Cozy Mystery March book, Bookmarked for Death. That’s 5 more books to finish by March 31. I’ve removed 2 books from the schedule to be able to do all this reading. Wish me luck!

EDIT: After drafting this post I found out I was getting a copy of The Windsor Knot from Tandem Collective. I’ve done a read along with them before for the book White Ivy and it was really fun. So that read along starts March 22nd. Adding a 6th book to my March reads. I don’t know that I’ll make it lol.

Happy Reading!


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