What is Angie Runs?

I have been a runner most of my life. It started in elementary school with track and field. I figured out, or my coach figured out, pretty quickly that I wasn’t a sprinter. But I did well with longer distances. I had stamina. So I joined the cross country team. I never won anything fancy because I wasn’t fast, but I could keep running for a long time. In high school I joined the cross country team mostly for the fun of running. When I was 16 my parents decided they were going to try the Learn to Run program at the Running Room. It was a 10 week program for beginners. I decided to go with them for the first night. I started talking to the instructor about running and she told me since I wasn’t a beginner runner I shouldn’t take the clinic. I told her I was there with my parents and she told me to be her assistant teacher instead. That was my first coaching job. I went on to start working part-time at the store every summer all the way until the end of university. I started teaching the Learn to Run program. By the time I was 18, my parents had been running with the store for 2 years and were signing up for the Half Marathon clinic. I had never run more than 10k before and decided I would join too. On May 29th, 2005 I ran my first half marathon in Ottawa, Ontario with both of my parents. I’ve run 21 more half marathons since then, and 2 full marathons. After university I started working full time as a manager at the Running Room and teaching all of the different clinics.

Eventually I moved on from the Running Room but I never stopped running. I always choose a race and then make a training plan. I make training plans for my friends when they want to do a race too. And I started venturing into the world of triathlon. I have goals in mind to run a third marathon, complete a half ironman, and maybe even one day a full ironman. Maybe I’ll push myself into ultramarathons.

I’ve suffered from injuries, I’ve had setbacks and I’ve learned a lot since the age of 16 about how to run. I want to share that knowledge with other people. I want to create personalized training plans for your running goals. My plans will be personalized to you, they will be 10-16 weeks in length. I can help you learn to be a runner or train for a specific distance. Check out my Angie Runs page for more info.

Tell me about your running goals and maybe I can help.


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