Book Review: The Genome Odyssey by Dr. Euan Ashley

Happy Tuesday bookworms! I finished this medical biography last night so I wanted to write up a quick review. First of all thank you to Celadon Books for this gifted copy.

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This is a medical memoir/biography about unlocking the secrets of the human genome. Dr. Euan Ashley was one of the first teams to take the work done by The Human Genome Project and expand it for everyday diagnostic use. This book gets very technical but Ashley does a good job of breaking it down for people. The things that doctors have been able to learn, and the way they have been able to help people with genetics over the last 10 years are amazing. Ashley does a few specific case study type stories that are quite fascinating, he particularly focuses on sudden death and then analyzing the DNA from that person to find the cause and possibly protect other family members.

If you are into medical shows or medical memoirs I think this would be a great pick for you!

Happy Reading!

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