Bookish Month of Love V2

It’s coming so soon! A month of reading love stories! I’m super excited for this one! I’m making bookmarks for prizes, the wonderful @happygolovelysleeves has generously donated a book sleeve for the grand prize, and there will be two other big winners and plenty of book marks!

I’ll be co-hosting buddy reads for 8 different books! The discussions will be limited to 30 people so let me know asap if you want to join! Here’s the list:

Also check out this great post from my friend Phoebe for a list of romance recommendations!

Below is the bingo board template and the rules if you need to look at them. Take a look at the bingo board to help you plan your TBR/Possibility Pile. You don’t have to complete all the prompts but the bingo board gets you extra entries! The rest of the templates will be released January 31!

Thank you to the lovely Eva for making these gorgeous templates. Be sure to tag me when you use them and don’t forget to use the hashtag. Let me know in the comments if your planning to participate! Everything is saved in my highlights on Instagram too! Can’t wait to read all the love stories with you!

Happy Reading!

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