Mid-November Reading Check In

Happy Monday bookworms! I’m here with a mid-month reading update! Let’s start with the Addie LaRue saga shall we?

I ordered the newest book from V.E. Schwab, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue on October 8th. Maybe I got a little greedy, because I ordered it from Waterstones in the UK. The North American version of the book was a boring black hardcover and the UK edition was a beautiful blue. I much prefer colourful books to black or white ones. But now I’m suffering for my snobbery. The book was shipped from the UK on October 10th and for some unknown reason took 32 days to cross the ocean. It arrived in Canada finally on November 12th. I had 32 days of no updates on the tracking. I even had Addie LaRue scheduled in my November Angie Way to start on the 8th. The current status is that the book will arrive sometime between November 17-23. So that is why I haven’t read Addie LaRue yet, despite desperately suffering from FOMO.

I did read a bunch of other good books though. I read Iona Grey’s first book, Letters to the Lost which was a cozy historical romance. Then I read The Bride Test by Helen Hoang. It was bit slow in the beginning but then I really got into the characters and their relationship and ended up loving it. This was our book club book for this month. I finally finished The Secret by Rhonda Bryne which I started last month. It was a bit over the top and was way too full of quotes from other people. But I found it interesting. I read a collection of poetry by Cicely Belle Blain called Burning Sugar. It was very moving. And I read a YA historical fiction called The Enigma Game about a young girl that finds a German coding machine and helps an RAF pilot use the coded messages to further the war effort. It was very sweet and I loved the ending. Yesterday I finished The Power of Knitting by Loretta Napoleoni, it was a great read. A lot of cool knitting history but also packed with activism and feminism. I’m currently about 1 quarter into Hollywood Park by Mikel Jollet. It’s a memoir about growing up in a cult which is fascinating. And this morning I started Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, I’m so excited to finally be reading it! How has your reading been this month? Give me an update!

Happy Reading!

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