Book Review: Pachamama by Ashley Wolfe

Book: Pachamama

Author: Ashley Wolfe

Pages: 175

Genre: Literary fiction

Rating: 8/10

Who should read this book: mamas, fans of tribal stories, fans of family drama, anyone who believes that we have been slowly killing our planet for a long time and sees no end in sight.

Triggers: child death, domestic abuse, murder

First I want to thank Ashley for sending me a copy of this book. Ashley is an indie author and this, her first novel, was published November 2019. Please consider supporting her after reading my review if this sounds like a book you would enjoy.

Pachamama is the story of a mother’s love. Entza lives in a tribal village with her husband and 5 sons. Everything is peaceful and then one day her husband is taken over by an evil spirit and begins a murderous rampage. Entza must rush to save her children from their father before it is too late. This story alone may intrigue you, but the best part of this book is that the narrator is Mother Nature. She watches the whole thing happen and has a strange connection with one of the sons. She even manipulates the forest to help the victims. I really enjoyed the occasional knock from Mother Nature’s voice being like, “these evil humans”.

Hook 2/2: This one starts out with you looking at a peaceful Amazon tribe through the eyes of Pachamama, or Mother Nature. She watches over the world and is often drawn to this little village, especially mothers like herself. Then suddenly the peace is shattered by a brutal murder and Pachamama has to look away. I finished this book in one day because I needed to know how it would end.

Plot 2/2: The story was really deep and emotional. The story of how a mother will do anything to protect her children. It moved quickly through the story in the beginning, it was intense and emotional, but then there was a bit of a lull. Then I really enjoyed the ending. Entza is a badass mama constantly giving her whole heart to her children. The ending had me tearing up which is always a good sign for me.

Writing 2/2: Wolfe’s style is really nice. It flows well and I really felt like I was running for my life in a jungle half the time. The story was beautiful and brought me to tears which I always appreciate.

Characters 1/2: I had a hard time relating to most of the characters, maybe because I’m not a mother. The character I related to the most was Pachamama honestly. I really believe we as a species have been destroying this planet for a long time.

Feel 1/2: Although this book brought me to tears and I flew through it, I wasn’t completely in love. I have been struggling in these pandemic times to find joy and I think that this book was so sad really effected my rating. Perhaps if I was reading it in a better mood I would be able to appreciate the beauty of the tragedy more than the sadness.

Happy Reading!

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