Book Review: Hannah’s War by Jan Eliasberg

Book: Hannah’s War

Author: Jan Eliasberg

Genre: Historical Fiction

Pages: 301

Rating: 8/10

Who should read this book: Anyone that enjoys historical fiction about WW2, especially near the end of the war before the atomic bomb was dropped.

Thank you to Hachette Book Group for sending me this advanced copy in exchange for an honest review. This one releases March 3rd.

Hannah’s War is about Dr. Hannah Weiss, a Jewish physicist that was working on the atomic bomb in Germany. Eventually she has to flee the country and ended up in America working on the atomic bomb again with Oppenheimer. The Americans suspect Hannah is a spy among Oppenheimer’s team and they begin an investigation. The main investigator is Jack Delaney and he is in for more than he bargained for with Hannah. She is a fierce woman that doesn’t take any crap from all the men around her which I loved.

Hook 2/2: This one hooked me in with the main character. Hannah is instantly portrayed as a strong, smart woman that doesn’t let her gender or religion stop her from following her dreams.

Plot 1/2: Hannah’s story is told out of order, while she is being interrogated the whole story comes out. I really enjoyed the story as a whole and I loved Hannah, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the way it was told.

Writing 2/2: I liked Eliasberg’s style and I loved all her characters. They were well developed and even the sub characters were given life. Sabine, Hannah’s rebellious cousin was defintely my favourite sub character. Eliasberg did a great job with the science of the atomic bomb as well. It wasn’t too detailed as to lose me in something I didn’t understand, but it was just detailed enough to be interesting.

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Historical Accuracy 2/2: Very well done. The background of the atomic bomb, this behind the scenes horror was given exactly the reverence it deserved.

Feel 1/2: I really enjoyed this book, the story and the characters, but I really didn’t like the formatting. The way the plot was given, so broken was a little annoying and made the book a little fragmented. I would have liked it to be more chronological but it was still a great story that I would recommend.

Happy Reading!


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