Book Review: Wild at Heart by KA Tucker

Book: Wild at Heart (sequel)

Author: KA Tucker

Genre: Romance

Rating: 9/10

Who should read this book: If you’ve read The Simple Wild, fans of contemporary romance, fans of living off the grid and homesteading

Okay first of all a huge thanks to KA Tucker and Social Butterfly PR for the opportunity to read this book early. I stayed up until 1am last weekend finishing it. This released yesterday in paperback and ebook and I already ordered myself a paperback. I loved The Simple Wild when I read it last summer and to have a continuation of Calla and Jonah’s story was just what I needed.

Okay if you haven’t read The Simple Wild this review will contain spoilers for that book, but there are no spoilers for Wild at Heart ahead.

We leave the end of The Simple Wild with Calla having left Alaska and Jonah, and flying back to her life in Toronto. She’s miserable, but then Jonah shows up at her house in Toronto saying he doesn’t want to make the same mistake her father did and lose the love of his life.

Wild at Heart starts off right where Simple Wild ends, with Jonah and Calla being all lovey in Toronto. Right as Jonah is about to get on a place back to Alaska, Calla decides she’s going to move to Alaska to be with him. (this isn’t a spoiler, it’s on the back cover of the book, don’t @ me). But living in an isolated home in the Alaskan wilderness, surviving off your land, and wild animals everywhere, may be more than Calla can take.

Writing 3/3: This is my third KA Tucker book and as always I like her style. The love story is the main focus but the characters are so well developed and the supporting characters are all lovable and draw me in too. And there’s always a very interesting sup-plot that makes the love story and the characters even more enticing.

Plot 2/2: This is exactly the book I needed after The Simple Wild. I fell in love with Calla and Jonah’s story and knowing what happens next is amazing. I think book 3 can definitely happen with how the book ended. KA Tucker I have ideas for what I want in book 3 if you need them!

Twist 2/2: The ending was amazing. Like stop my beating heart what is happening omg. I read the last quarter of the book, staying up until 1am instead of going to sleep because I just had to know what would happen.

Feel 2/3: This was just as good, if not better than The Simple Wild. I loved Calla for doing everything she could to learn to survive in an isolated home in the Alaskan bush, with her man leaving all the time flying in dangerous conditions. Her growth in this book is even more than the last one and I just loved watching her become who she is. And Jonah is as much of a closet romantic gruff guy as the last book. And there is a collection of new characters that pull at your heart strings too. So basically I loved it and I would recommend this series to any and all romance fans. My only thing that annoyed me a little is how every time Jonah even looked at Calla she was weak in the knees. It just happened so often through the book. That being said maybe if a bearded blonde viking looked at me with a little fire in his eyes constantly, I’d probably be weak in the knees too.

Happy Reading!

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