Book Review: Photos of You by Tammy Robinson

Book: Photos of You

Author: Tammy Robinson

Genre: Romance

Pages: 329

Rating: 7/10

Who should read this book: fans of instalove, Fault in our Stars, Me Before You and A Walk to Remember.

Thank you to Hachette Book Group for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Photos of You releases February 18th.

Photos of You is about Ava Green a 28-year-old cancer patient. She is dying of breast cancer and is given a year to live. She decides she wants to have her dream wedding, despite not having a groom. She has been dreaming about her wedding day since she was a child and she decides to go ahead with it. Her family and friends help her out and eventually the news goes viral and a magazine gets involved. The photographer for this magazine is the hunky James and you can guess where things go from there.

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Hook 2/2: I really enjoyed the start of this book. I immediately felt for Ava, and her story is so sad. I also loved that she decided to throw herself a wedding. I would definitely be checking a lot of things off my list if I found out I had a year to live.

Plot 1/2: Overall I liked the story but I had a hard time with the instantly in love bit. Obviously under the circumstances things have to be a little bit rushed but it was unrealistic.

Writing 2/2: I really liked the writing style and the character building was well done. The formatting was great too. Robinson really gets you into the emotions of dealing with cancer.

Twist 0/2: This book was super predictable, not one surprise.

Feel 2/2: Overall I really enjoyed this book, I read the whole thing is one weekend and enjoyed it immensely. It was a beautiful and sad love story that had me crying just a little bit.

Happy Reading!


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