Book Review: No Mercy by Martina Cole

Book: No Mercy

Author: Martina Cole

Pages: 433

Genre: Mystery/Family Drama

Rating: 6/10

Who Should Read This Book: Lovers of a crime family drama, anyone that likes British slang, Mob story fans

Thank you to Hacchette Book Group Canada for sending me this copy. No Mercy released Dec 24, 2019.

Ok I liked this book a lot. It was a really cool story. It was like watching a British mob movie. It spanned a few generations and each family member was a well developed character. It starts with Diana Davis and her only son Angus who is just on the cusp of manhood wanting to have some control in the family business. Just like any family drama, there is a lot of craziness but this one stacks up a little differently considering it’s a ruthless crime family.

Plot 2/2: The story is great, it’s interesting, there are a lot of players, there is a lot of drama. But because it’s generational it stays interesting. There were many times in the book when I was feeling like what just happened holy crap. It keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way.

Hook 2/2: The first 50 pages of the book are a young Angus running wild trying to gain some clout and his mother trying to reign him in and teach him some decorum and I really liked it. It was great watching Angus become the mob leader.

Writing 0/2: I always hate when I give a really low rating for writing. This author has put in a lot of time and energy into this book and I can respect that. But this writing style was not for me. Everyone was given too much dialogue and not enough inner monologue, and everything was far too detailed. I think for me the book was too long, too wordy.

Twist 1/2: The twist at the end was really good though a little predictable if you’ve ever seen a mob movie. But it was a good ending to the story.

Feel 1/2: I wanted to love this book and I finished it because I wanted to know what was going to happen, but I was so annoyed with the writing style throughout that I couldn’t love it. I think this would make a great Hollywood mob movie!

Happy Reading!

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