My Rating System

Happy Thursday bookworms!

I wanted to write a quick little summary of the way I’ve been doing my book reviews lately. When I first started this blog I was making notes on the books I read on paper and then transferring that here. I gave every book a rating out of 10 and that would also determine how many stars out of 5 the book got. 10 out of 10 means 5 stars. But I wasn’t breaking down how I rated it or what specifically I was rating the book on.

So I developed a simple system to rate the books according to different categories which change depending on the genre. I always rate the writing, the plot, and the feel usually out of two points. Feel is how the book made me feel while reading it. But for a non-fiction book, I can’t rate the hook because most don’t have one. For thrillers, I will rate the twist because that is essential to a good thriller. But a historical fiction novel may or may not have a twist. For historical fiction I will rate it on historical accuracy. Each genre gets its own categories. In each review I will break down what categories I’m rating and how many points it’s worth always for a total of 10.

For example, the thriller I rated in my previous post had:

Writing, Plot, Hook, Twist and Feel, each worth 2 points.

But the historical fiction a few posts back was:

Writing, Plot, Hook, Feel and Historical Accuracy, each with 2 points.

The memoir I recently reviewed was different again:

Writing 4 points, Feel 3 points, Story 3 points.

Before I write each review, I make notes on the book and decide on the categories. Then I divide up the points and write! I think this helps people get a more detailed review and make a more informed decision on whether or not they want to read the book.

Hopefully you found this helpful and it gave you a better understanding of my reviewing ways!

Happy Reading!


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